The role of heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the oncogenesis


 Ringrazio i miei collaboratori e ovviamente i prof.coautori  della Sun. Napoli. e Univ. Federico Secondo  Vincenzo Petrosino***** 


The research here described was presented in May 2016 at 103th Congress of the National Society of Otolaryngology, held in Rome. On this occasion our colleagues otolaryngologists registered in SIO (Società Italiana di Otorinolaringologia, Italian Academy of Otolaringology) presented and explained this experimental work as an up-to-date pilot research in head and neck pathology.

As the creator of the research, I consider that the results we are getting and have obtained are comparable and relevant to other research groups dealing with similar epidemiological and clinical situations.

**It is very possible that a common link will emerge between the presence of these substances in the blood and various oncological and non-oncological disorders. ( wait for the second part )**

Many studies have suggested a possible causal relationship between onset of numerous tumorous diseases and exposure to environmental carcinogens, in particular the correlation between the environmental presence of heavy metals and PCBs as determinants in the oncogenetic mechanism.

This study that takes into consideration different pathologies, considered only those cases involving tumors of the head and neck and was performed on patients living in areas where certain detrimental environmental conditions are known to be present.
The analyses carried out on biological matrices have uncovered important and significant differences between healthy and unhealthy subjects, both qualitative and quantitative differences with respect to heavy metals and PCBs.

All patients with head and neck cancer enlisted for the study had heavy metal and PCB blood levels at least twice the maximum reference level. The levels of heavy metals in hair were at least double the maximum reference. In contrast, all healthy volunteers enrolled showed no significant levels for either metals or PCBs.

The actual correlation of these substances to a definitive role in oncogenesis of cancer pathologies is now being investigated by the international scientific community, our findings demonstrate a high concentration of heavy metals and PCBs in patients with head and neck cancer. 
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